The romance of travel, with Virgin St Tropez

Slow travel

imagine arriving inspired.

Exploring new slow floatplane concepts.

18 people traveling in comfortable seating with 360 front glass views.

St Tropez to Nice, Seattle to San Francisco. And Hong Kong to Makau.

All areas with large populations, and water can benefit from a accessible comfortable and direct connection.

Due to computer assisted flght systems the need for a full cockpit is not there. The pilot can control the flight from any of the connected tv systems on the plane. This provides optimal opportunity to use the front area for the experiencing of the surroundings.

Gyroscopic systems are integrated for balance, which ensure there is no need for wing floats, thus allowing for easy key side loading.

Slow travel

A massive flexible wing provides glider like properties. A single clean engine is placed centrally, and provides power with low maintenance.

Each seat has a widescreen entertainment workstation with connected VR system. The pilot can fly the near autonomous plane from any station or seat position in the airplane.


Arrival and departure are as elegant as comfortable. The parking is located close to the key, with a comfortable stable deck, for boarding. Large bay windows provide spectacular views of the coastline and ocean, during the slow low level flights passed the French coast, or the highway One on the Pacific coast bringing back the romance of travel.


Early concept sketch made on ipad, using Concepts App.

Modeling in Rhino, rendering Keyshot 5.

Bart Massee, Kirkland


Massee, Kirkland