3d printing: A Classic Revived

Inspired by French bricolage,

the JJ 36,

an Antique classic car reborn through 3d printing

When I was young my two uncles Jean Jacques Massee and Peter Massee always brought me unique antique design objects from their travels across the world. (mostly France and Skandinavie)

One day uncle Jean Jacques brought me a rusty metal car of about 30 cm long. It had amazing lines, and metal wheels which suggests it had O-ring like tires.

This classic car I decided to bring back to life, though the use of 3d printing technology, I took the liberty to stylize the overall design, and after several builds am now coming to a simple form which I think builds on the classic, whilst making it more up to date.

so everyone can enjoy it's great simple iconic design.

I combined the build with my integrated printed leaf-spring concept. Currently in Beta for test prints this design will soon be available online.

Designed to play with, or simply display on an office desk, or fitting place on the mantel piece.

I decided to honor my Uncle by naming it with his initials, and a number vaguely representing his birth year....although I think he is actually much younger.....

Classic toy car design available on Shapeways

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