HP Advanced Design

Advanced Design at HP

Harmonize Stretch and Disrupt

Leading the Advanced Design team, which is a 8 person team in a 120 Strong Global design organization.

In a digital physical world, our mission is to redefine the relevance of Print itself.

Work life and home life are more and more blending together.

Offices are more designed to resemble social places like coffee shops, yet printers have stagnated for decades.

The mission is to bring print out of the shadows and back into the path of Life, to redefine relevance in Printers, that fit peoples lives, at home and work.

The Advanced Design team was critical in the orchestration of these range DNA for physical and digital concepts, and laid the foundation for a complete new visual language, building on the work that was done with broader teams and agencies alike.

HP Tango is a prime example of the redefinition of an archetype, where I led the ID execution with the R&D team and ID lead to ensure Critical to Quality and Desirability goals where met.

Together with the team Creative frameworks, and for Identity documentations where crafted towards harmonization for digital and physical expressions.

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