Philips WakeUp Light

Like Sunlight through the trees in the morning

Morning sunlight simulations in Cinema 4d for the Living colors inspired Wake up light based on the orignial Paul Thursfield Living colors.

I pionered the use of Cinema 4d towards light simulations. Using texture alpha channel mapping focussed lightsourses I tweaked as long untill I had the results which demonstrated the eventual experience in a series of light experience renderings. Pionering software towards very specific experience visualizations I have always done.

Concepts towards the Wake Up light future product design identity

Visit to the 2003 Weather Project, in the Modern Tate London, inspired the Sun embracement of Warm light design.  Photo taken by Bart Massee London 2004

Circular Sun concept, Amersfoort Stefano Marzano, Bart Massee concept direction 2005

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Why does the interface have to be more difficult then asking for a wake up call? Set the wake up time simply by draging a timeslot for the desired Sunlight wake up experience.

First concept of the Hotel wake up call interface. Bart MasseUse menu to browse the chapterse 2005

Initial connected light systems later to become Hue. The concept lived in Philips Research, and across Design. These are some of the early explorations of how this system of interlinked lights could be manifested through operation with a single uber-simple user interface.. Bart Massee 2005