Philips Avent Natural Bottle

Mother and Child Care Philips Avent

Managing and art directing the Philips Avent Post merger aquisition Design team from 2006 till 2009

With the team we created many award winning new products, which we had to reinvent from the ground on up, from consumer insight to final delivery to manufacturing.

With the team we set a new winning direction for our brand, with the aim of beating strong competition from Tommy tipee and many other brands.

As the Design manager and Creative director I was the spider in the web of planting the right seeds for the success Philips Avent is now celebrating globally.

Design Team: Original members and members coming in over the years, Elodie Thomas, Michiel Cornelissen, Andrew Bower, Peter Smith, Joerka Koenders, Babette Keizer, V2 London, Hans Elkerbout, Manfred Nitsch, Suzette van Maanen, Esther Beckers, Esther van Houdt, Tammo de Ligny, Helene Vovard and many others

An excerpt from the key business partners:

''Bart strongest asset is his ability to understand multiple perspectives and is able to formulate and help implement best solutions which optimize 1). M&CC positioning / Philips AVENT brand requirements, 2). strategic objectives and business requirements, 3). Timing and budget, 4). Philips design competences and visions etc.

Strong proofpoints are Wasabi (steamer blender), new teethers, new toddler range, new natural bottle''


Jaap Merkus

Vice President and Category leader Mother & Child Care

Business Unit Health & Wellness

Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Early Concept for the digital ecosystem that allows parents to monitor and have reassurance the baby is safe,  Bart Massee 2006

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