Grab a drone, save a planet

Pinpoint Precision 2020 for Iphone

FLy a drone 13.8 lightyears away

Planet Wolf 1061c needs your help

Grab one of the many drones flying missions around the equator, and help take out the leaders of the insurgence

in 5 compact missions.

Planet Wolf 1061c is in a Tidal lock, the planet has an incredibly hot side, and a very cold side, In between along the equator storms of hot dust and ice meet.

Deep in canyons the mining is ongoing for the invaluable substance that has conquered much of the local universe.

Canyons, The Strip

The missions take you across desert landscapes, and over 'The Strip''. This is the long series of deep canyons where people settled, and where most mining and trade is happening. It is a circle around the planet, which you will get to know intimately.

From the dev team

Currently we are running succesfull speed trials and game engine optimization on the Iphone 6 8 and x

Compiling a few levels to try things out, the engine seems versatile and runs pretty oke on the platform.

The focus is now on building all assets, and creating all sound files, so we can compile a version 13 for full scene (room) testing with all UI buttons in place.

The next goal will be to create a few test levels with different parameters, towards a first testflight

this will obviously have to include a bit of a tutorial as well. The aim is Testflight in February,

and Launch around March but we could run into the summer, to optimize and polish

The Pipeline is working well,

One major bummer was the fact that the Macbook Pro upgrade actually was amazing, 

apart from one little hickup... the amd 5500 card does not support open CL, 

so guess what Blender 2.8 does not utilize it's power..

Despite a full test IN THE APPLE STORE with Blender 2.8, the eventual launch of the 16 inch machine,

got me close to a perfect pipeline, but somehow with Open CL also suddenly far of the mark.

But I decided not to revert to the cheaper model, since it has only an i7 chip.

So we plough onwards with my trusted Gaming PC for Blender work,

No patch in sight, as Ton Roosendaal says it is way to much work to tailor to Apple..

Soon more updated from the Dev team

- Bart and Sebi/ USA & Romenia