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Link to Gawker article on the Development and Design process at Philips Oral Health Care:

Philips Sonicare Black edition, listed in the Vogue magazine marked the end result of years of developments and direction setting towards premium lifestyle objects. Turning an ordinary product into something people chose.

Ensuring something as important as a good Oral health becomes part of people's daily routines, towards healthy beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.  ''From Chore to Choice''

We worked hard for years with a broad team to deliver this dream, and the listing below and enormous global success of the Philips Sonicare brand now, is the highlight of this dream coming true.

Many more cool things to come, and the brand now growing increasingly rapidly as people across the globe discover our superior product, and world class design.

Philips Sonicare product design from 2003 onwards:

A large cross functional team was responsible to the innovative growth of the Philips Oral healthcare brand.

some highlights:


Bart Massee, Martyn Beedham, Hans Elkerbout Hanne Caspersen, Jamie McCurrach, Simon Lamason

Esther van Houdt, Esther Beckers, Hanne Caspersen, Babette Keize

2006 onwards:

Bart Massee, Edouard Gebski, Lieven Adriaenssen, Joerka Koenders, Esther van Houdt, Esther Beckers, Hanne Caspersen, Babette Keizer, Suzette van Maanen, Helene Vovard, Tammo De Ligny, Grant Davidson

Bart MasseeRoles: 2003-2006

From Product Design, to Design management

During last 7 years: 2007-2015

Design manager Health & wellness Design management, Creative direction, strategy and design direction

From Chore to Choice

It’s that of turning toothbrushing into a “sexy subject.” The design of the product, according to Bart Massee, Sonicare’s Creative Director, helps bring the consumer from “chore to choice,” which is what separates an ordinary product, like a manual toothbrush, from an extraordinary one.

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