Below a telling quote from business partner and marketing Director, colaborating as strategic design partner for Philips Avent Management team during a critical rebuilding phase post merger:

''Another strength of yours is your drive for results.  Your passion for the business is contagious!  I love to be in workshops and brainstorms with you because you have so much creative energy it pushes us all to see things in a new and different light.  Even more important is how you are able to motivate your team to take on the same attitude.

Budgets are tight and life is not easy – and you are able to help see through the mess and create a plan that makes sense and is simple – not something that is extravagant or unnecessary.  You put plans together and resources that deliver against our business needs.  Thank you''

Christy Mommsen

Consumer Marketing Director Mother & Child Care

Business Unit Health & Wellness

Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Bart Massee, Passionate Product Design Creative Director

Energetic, always enthusiastic inquisitive, wondering and questioning, a tech savvy Creative director with a sense of humor. Passionate about trailblazing innovative solutions and the building of intuitive, engaging, experiences.

Challenging assumptions, reflecting critically, imaginatively playing with possibilities, excellent hands-on seasoned Product designer, filled with empathy and passion,

Actively engaged in the growth of team members, continuously searching for lean efficiency to operate at the highest quality levels.

Experience in Corporate, Consultancy and Freelance environments with specialties in Creative Direction, Design innovation, and award winning Product Design.

The Kirkland Home Design studio


I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to review ideas (design and other) that are either directly initiated by you or are directed to you and then brought to my attention. Particularly useful is that we have essentially  developed an ad hoc dialog, independent of the day-to-day operations of the BU, but one that allows for some dedicated thinking, both strategic and tactical, and when appropriate alerting the relevant category staff.

I appreciate the opportunity that you provide me in being an additional ‘pair of eyes’ for the BU (Business Unit)




BU Health & Wellness - Consumer Lifestyle

Director, New Business Development and Intellectual Property''

Racing ahead into a world full of artificial inteligence, abuncance of energy and vitual immersion. How will we shape this exciting time?

In July 2015 I signed the paper of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkings to ensure we developp a safe artificial inteligence future

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