Asibot for beginners......

Our Honest truth

Click here if you can handle it

ASIBOT lowres video, shows it is possible to win:

How to play;

Buttons explained from left to right:


Click on the Minerunner button to select, then place a minerunner in the launchzone

Click on the Minerunners to detonate strategically

They will spawn a selection of runners


Click on  the button to select, then click in the launchzone to spawn a group of runners


Click on the wall button to select, then place a maximum of 2 walls in the field, to block the chipbots


Click on the hide button, to make all runners sit in their defense positions.

They can not be harmed, and will hold off the chipbots in this position


Click on this button to make the runners charge.

You can also tap on the runners on screen to make them charge individually

The goal is to make the Queen Bee reach the other side with the USB stick and insert the good code,

to make Artificial Super Intelligence safe and good, prior to it's awakening!

The Queen Bee becomes available, when you are 80% ahead in balance

The Balance bar on the left indicates how many runners you brought over to the other side safely

Any chipbots that make it across will lower your balance bar

You have three minutes to get the USB stick across

Save the world, ensure Artificial Super Intelligence is safe and good, and create an utopian world, supported by good robots

Artificial Super Intelligence Battle of Tiny

Soon available for Ipad

The world is our audience, the screen is our Theatre.

We strive to engage,  we believe we can create magic and capture hearts through novel gameplay.

Our aim is to develop innovative games for IOS. We believe there is a space to fill with lovely, clever novel and addictive gaming concepts. We build lifelike behaviors towards our ‘’Fabric of life engine’’ which ensures no game or level or play is every the same, as it is based on the fabric of life itself.

Part of the goal is to explore entities of behavior which may be explorations of machine life in itself, through game design. We see a array of opportunities for research models based on the ‘’Fabric of Life game engine’’


Capture the hearts and screens:

We want to engage, and hit a emotional tone, that can allow us to build out multiple novel gaming concepts. Starting small, we hope to grow and build out to spread the word. Don’t accept same old same old. Expect something new every time!

Our good cause:

A percentage of the proceeds of the first launch will go towards the Future of and the research towards safe Artificial intelligence. We need to act now to ensure we have a future with the machine, and install the values in machine thinking, which will benefit humanity towards the curing of decease and safety and wellbeing and health of all. The machine will have the power to help, but only if we build in the goal to serve us…

Please help to support this cause by signing open letter at:

Massee, Kirkland