Our vision

TheFabricofLife, Never the same game

'The FabricofLife concept'

We have an engine which allows us to create lifelike behaviours in mobile games, that ensure that no game is the same, all elements are connected as an ecosystem, and behaviors are reactive and dynamic.

A world in balance through interaction, where the player can simply observe, intervene, swing the balance, or move in with full gameplay to see the total dynamics and tensions in the game go to entirely new levels. As life itself unpredictable journeys where there are surprising behaviors happening all the time.

The first step on this journey is to create a foundation for an interconnected ecosystem of self-generative behaviors.

This basic 2d concepts is build out in one example game, which we aim to launch in 2016. The first game is titled:

ASIBOT, Artificial inteligence, The battle of Tiny.

the principle can be applied on many more game concepts in the pipeline.

Developed over the past 7 years the core beta engine is based on principles as found in fluid dynamics, entropy, inspired by books such as ‘’The Critical mass’’, and studies on subjects such as Einsteins paper "On the Motion of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid, as Required by the Molecular Kinetic Theory of Heat"),[einstein 2]

A single word and principle in all of these lies at the heart of all life, on social and physical scale, which dictates the entropy around us. 'The level of chaos in a system'' is ruled by a strong principle. this element is fed into the game concepts, and becomes the dynamic drive for all interactions, and non-interactions. (a standard User interface level lies on top to engage in the 'living' world)

Is it unique? no, it can be seen in many particle systems used in movies and games. However, we believe we apply it on such a novel and simple way, it is now applicable to run on very light computer power systems, such as phones and iPad.

Basically the engine is designed to produce surprising behaviors and flow, in all elements of gameplay,

Which allow the game to come alive, and never repeat itself.

The screen displays surprising motion and activity, with all elements connected and reacting to each other.

The aim is to enable a never ending cycle of life, which the gamer an influence subtly, or decide to get fully engaged in for a thorough gaming session.

This is achieved in the game code, not currently written In GML or cc, but still build in the GM studio compiler. The principle however is applicable to all programming languages.

We are currently looking into patenting the principles for the specific purposes we are using it in,

But it may also have benefits for simulations, that run on light systems like phones etc. A surprising amount of entities can be run on light platforms. And with systems speed increasing we believe the power will become more great in the next generations.

It is applicable to a huge variety of game concepts, and several game concepts are on the shelf to kick off after launch one, and it’s maintenance track is calmed down.

More to come on the unique concept.

Multipletoys LLC Copyright 3/30/2016

Building the development pipeline

Most elements are in place. The developpers account will be set up and finalized in coming month.

Apple is hugely supportive, with personal follow up on the progress, and face to face meetings to further make things work. Very impressive support towards getting this game out there!

What is missing now is a solid Cinema 4d engine to be able to run all animations. That will be the first investment, once the first game is out. Cinema 4 d to me is at he most versatile animation package, which allows me to generate png work, without backgrounds. I also did a lot of particle dynamics work in Cinema 4d, which is absolutely an infinite pool of inspiration for future developments!! 2d can be graphically so powerful, I have no plans for any 3d productions in the future. I belief the 2d theatre of phones and ipads is very powerfull, and sticking to a specific development principle like that will allow me to generate focused crisper games and apps.

Game ‘engine’ foundation: 

Can’t wait to go into GML, but for now chose to do it without scripting for our first ‘Minimal viable proposition’’ launch

It is a great journey so far. The concept is slowly coming together.

After the first weeks of setting up the systems, pc, mac, and connections, we successfully ported the first running beta to the Mac yesterday night. A big step and joyfull moment!

The months have been spent mostly building a solid game build up, wich allows us to control all game variables with a macro system. The idea is to be able to tweak and test the levels to set gameplay challenge levels, through betabuttons that control all key elements of gameplay.

Next step: The Apple team in Bellevue is great in supporting the developments! I will go and talk through the next hurdles of set up and launch, and it seems Apple really actively supports indi developpers!

Massee, Kirkland

E-mail: bartmassee@gmail.com