Multipletoys Mantra

We are in the game!

How is Multipletoys planning to eat the world?

Developping IOS games for fun!

We believe we can fill the platforms around the world, an peoples hands with moments of joy!

The screen is our theatre.

With little fans and few ratings we are at the zero calibration moment of our gigantic future growth. Get in now, Cheap penny stock!

the Arrow of innovation and growth is pointing upwards, through a non stop push of energy and creativity, and innovation!

We are in the game of making games! That is the only thing that counts for Multipletoys!

Sure, the games are still pretty basic, and can't compete with anything out there......yet

But we never promised to make playable, userfriendly, enjoyable, and addictive games! We are simply in the game to make games!

Running a gaming company is fun, if it is just one person!

No pressure, no hurry, Come up with lot's of fun ideas.

Work on like 5 different concepts at a time...

The next 20 years are going to be playing catchup with the rest of the industry!

A gigantic mountain to climb, without the right gear!

Attitude is all we have!

enjoy the games, whilst they are still free!

Multipletoys is a gaming company that seeks an alternative path.

We will find that gem, that will capture the hearts of people, and when we do, we will focus our entire creative energy to make it better and better for the coming 25 years

Multipletoys est 1996

Bart Massee

Made with Concepts Smarter Sketching

All artwork for multipletoys is initiated on IpadPro, using pencil

and Concepts Smarter Sketching

in the past months I had a chance to have a dialogue with the developpers of Concepts. I am a big fan, and use the App frequently in the development process flow.

roughs are made on the fly, anywhere, when ideas come up, and uploaded through the creative cloud, the form a great basis, (or even original artwork) in the Adobe environment.

They end up polished in the game assets, via a very smooth flow.

Really love this, and can recomend this to any developpers of designers.

My thoughts on Concepts Smarter Sketching:

Concepts +ipadpro +pencil

What has this done for my workflow?

I spent the last 15 years waiting for a solution which was as versatile as pencil, paper, combined with the added benefits of digital tools like layering, brushes, color mixing, and gradients, solid fills etc

I followed closely all technologies, including all Wacom developments. Tried all things that came out, pushing it to the limits. Wacom Cintic was always the only thing which came close.

With Ipad Pro I had to jump in and go for it. I trusted Apple to deliver something designers could value as precise, with understanding of the details that are critical to success, like latency.

Concept and Ipad Pro with pencil reaches a bar, sets a standard. It finally emulates the precision I had with my classic rotring pen. imaculate detail of a fine black line. A large canvas on which to explore. the critical ability to rest the palm, and finally get back fine motor control of the index fingers moving separately from the palm and resting surface of the hand to draw details. It is in these areas that I search for forms, to then scale up and enlarge for bigger production.

The ability to then switch to tools like solid fil sketching, using multiply enables the gentle layering of color hues, building depth and tones.

The layer system provides a strong structure which flows directly into desktop workflow production through the export modules.

With precision tools for crisp outlining, precision technical drawing can be achieved fluidly.

I belief this is actually a lot like a new game console: It will open up the user exploration and drive features and useage towards the maturing of the portable tablets towards the eventual replacement of desktop mouse clicking art creations like CS.

It has the power to be much much more then 'drawing on an ipad'', towards full professional mobile concept art, and product design replacement tool.

And  next to that maintain an ideal platform for doodling away, for large audiences.

I am a fan, and daily user, searching for improvement and excited about the future of Digital art.


-Pencil storage; I still use the packaging to store it. The pencil has not been thought of as a complete experience and as such lacks the full Apple user experience quality

Bart Massee

Massee, Kirkland