Over 38 international team-Design Awards in 7 years

Philips Business group Health and Wellness design team Awards 2007-2014

The fruits of a broad team effort:

As Design manager and Creative Director for Philips Health & wellness I helped drive home over 38 international design awards, and multiple utility patents.

The roles I operated in range from Creative team management, Creative direction, to Product design, and execution at times. Performing as hands on, lead by example innovator and Designer.

Together with a broad group of individuals, cross a multitude of functions, we managed to deliver world class products for Philips Health & Wellness group in the arena of Mother and Child care, Oral health care, and Beauty.

In all these project the success was delivered by a talented team working across all functions.

By demonstrating visions which target the business strategy, we managed to influence through design thinking.

My contribution was the ongoing drive of planting seeds of creation, and seeing to the coming of fruition towards success. ideating, planning, preparing, creating, executing, negotiating, managing, calculating, and finetuning towards launch.

Always two steps ahead to ensure the course remains towards the winning results whilst operating in a ‘T model’’ approach from helicopter-strategic  view, all the way to nitty gritty tooling detailing.

Design Team members participating in these Philips Design projects:

Andrew Bower, Edouard Gebski, Peter Smith, Esther Beckers, Michiel Cornelissen, Hans Elkerbout, Helene Vovard, Saskia Dingelstad, Lieven Adriaanssen, Sal Primo, Esther van Houdt, Tammo de Ligny, Joerka Koenders, Babette Keizer, Jack Mama, Grant Davidson  and many others

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Below some additive manufacturing ideas and technology explorations 2010-2016

3d printed RC kit

Zbrushed Polygon animal forms, rendered in Keyshot.

Exploring what's next, in possible 3d geometry developments

Early demonstration of print technology potential featuring integrated toy car suspension

Zbrush modeling concept rendered in Keyshot 2011, exploring the questions around limitless manufacturing potential in relation to future form language directions.

With the belief that as Zbrush gets more advanced in crisp surface sculpting, the potential to conceptualize using VR and AR opens gates to faster concept development and life size prototype reviews.

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